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21 April 2010 @ 01:40 am
Ah!! I forget to write something else!!!!  
Original (Posted: 2009-12-15): Link

Today's short story.

Today I went up to the studio with Aoi-kun,
Sakai: "Good morning"
Aoi: "Morning!!"
Sakai: "Let's gooo"
*After about 2 minutes*
Aoi: "I just gotta check up on Sakai's blog now don't I? (laughs)"
Sakai: "Fuahhh!!! Stop that!!!"
Aoi: "You know, I've been getting some fanmail about Sakai revealing stuff about me recently. Like about my rings??"
Sakai: "ehehehehehe...(sweatdrop)"
*Within a minute of Aoi-kun reading my blog....*
Aoi: "Sing it!!! Kinki Kids!!"
Sakai: "(sweats) s-sorry...what?"
Aoi: "Should I take off my rings??"
Sakai: "It'll ruin the atmosphere if I sing. Cause my voice, kinda like Gian isn't something meant for the public"
Aoi: "oooo....k then..."
*After about another 5 mins of driving around*
Aoi: "You know, recently I've just allllwayyys been polishing up my guitar"
Sakai: "Really!!?"
Aoi: "I really want our 12/24 live to be the most awesome live ever!! Cause it's Christmas and I want people to be happy too you know"
Sakai: "That's...beautiful..how wonderful"

That's why right now the members are giving it all they've got so that our 12/24 live really will be the best.

I'll do my best too and think up an awesome Christmas present for them.
I wonder what I should give them in return now??? (I really want to surprise them so....it's a secret!!)

Well then!!!!!!
Hyacinthexenocia on April 21st, 2010 07:56 am (UTC)
Ah, I wish I could've gone to that live...

Thank you!