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12 April 2010 @ 02:41 am
FAQ guide for translated blog posts  
An FAQ for the GazettE blog posts that are translated here:

So here I'll just be posting some information about the managers and staff who are referred to/come up often in blog posts. I'll also post other info snippets about the blog.

If you have anything to add or if you have questions, please feel free to post them in comments. Any new info from comments I will happily add onto this post^^

Managers that are frequently referred to:

Sakai Ryou (Ryo) (酒井亮): Sakai is one of 2 Artist Managers for the GazettE from PS Company who started managing with the GazettE probably around when Guren was released (which is where is name first appears under "Artist Management"). Now I only put his kanji there cause it's like.....everywhere in his posts (har). Mind you, the first character is just my own guess because on a few occasions Sakai will refer to himself as "Akira" Sakai even though he's listed as "Ryou Sakai" for the GazettE (btw, none of the Gazette releases list the managers names in kanji lol) my guess is only cause that character (亮) can be read as both "Ryou" and "Akira" (lol Japanese names are, as I understand them, very flexible in terms of how kanji are read). Sakai will almost always introduce himself before he starts writing and sometimes refers to himself in 3rd person. Aside from being referred to as "Sakai" and "Akira" (by himself), you'll also find that some other people will refer to him as "Ryou-chin" or "Ryou-san" (the Gazeboys usually call him "Ryou-chin"). Oh, and apparently he's from Fukuoka (unless he's lying xD).

Tachimitsu Koga: Is now Alice Nine's Artist Manager (but was Gazette's Artist Manager since pretty much the beginning of Gazette until DIM was released). Although he never referred to himself by name, he was probably the manager who posted all of the Ameba blog posts (on the Gazette Ameba blog). He always referred to himself as "the Manager" because he really was the only "Artist Manager" for Gazette until Sakai came.

Michitoshi Saitou: Is the other Artist Manager for the GazettE from PSC. I don't think he's actually ever written a blog post (or one where he says it's him writing), but he's a relatively new Gaze-manager, probably signed-on around the time when DIM came out. From what it looks like, he replaced mg Koga

Sumida Kazuo: ah...I mistranslated the name most of the time and read Sumi"ta" instead of "da" which is what's written in the CD booklets. Sumida is the A&R (Artist & Repertoire) Director, someone who will scout new talent, oversee current bands like making sure they are getting good producers and stuff and works with promotions to help sell the CD and stuff (thanks to wheelj76 for the info about A&R Directors :D) 

Other PSC managers: Aside from Gaze-life you'll also see other PSC Artist managers pop-up in posts here and there, like Ono-kun (another one of Alice Nine's managers)

Other information:

Gaze-member posts: The majority of them don't say it's them until the end of the post xD;;

the GazettE blogs: Most of you probably know already that Gazette has had a few blogs (not including FC blogs). Aside from the public member diary that used to be on the Gazette OHP most of the Gazette blog posts are written by one of the Artist managers. On some occasions other staff members (like Desk managers or FC staff) will post news and important information about upcoming events and/or lives. All the blog posts in this community are any related blog posts that Gazette members and staff post to the public (so no FC posts).

Ameba blog: Closed as of July 15, 2009

Gazette mobile blog: One of the many blogs on the PS mobile site. Accessible on your cellphone :D

MG/mg/mg.: Sakai doesn't usually do this, but sometimes managers will be referred to as just "mg" or "mg.[name]" but Sakai will usually just write the manager's name.


Help me add more to this if you have more information to add. Or please also correct me where I'm wrong cause I dun'ts know everything >////<
gratiela on April 18th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
I feel smarter now :D
Thank you!