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12 April 2010 @ 01:41 am
Yo!! I'm Sakai's long-lost bad-boy side  
Original (Posted: 2009-12-13): Link

Sakai here. Because I want to watch Sanma • SMAP** today I want to get off work early if I could.

Aoi-kun made an update on his blog didn't he?!!!
Here's what we were talking about just then at that time,
*Aoi-kun is slowly taking off his rings*
Sakai (in my head): "Crap!!! He's going to smack me!!!***"
*Aoi-kun looks me in the eye and....*
Aoi: "Hey, your hair is all funky and pointy today. Like a middle-aged man!!****"
Sakai: Eh!!??"
You mean. Aoi-kun wasn't go-ing-to...?
And you know, he didn't say anything about the whole time we were together.

Short story
This was when I was going to Omotesando Hills with Uruha-kun,
Sakai: "Hey doesn't Omotesando have their famous seasonal lights up now??"
Uruha: "Oh ya, they are aren't they?"
Sakai: "Oooooo, it's beau~~~~tiful~~~!! I used to live in a rural area so this is the first time I've seen this myself!!"
Uruha: Well then, let's take some pictures!!"
Sakai: "yayyyyyy!!"

Uruha: "Ryou-chin, if you want to, do you want to go in???"
Sakai: "Really?!!!"
*Just as Sakai was trying to get in a celebrity-like lady goes*
"You're in the way. Can you move please??"
Sakai: "O.k."
Uruha: "ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!"
Hey hey! Just because I'm a country-guy doesn't mean I can't go in!!!!!

Short story
The other day with Ono-kun (Alice Nine),
Ono: "Great master Sakai!! There's trouble!"
Sakai: "Aww man, it's always so noisy around here!! What's wrong?"
Ono: "*pants* There are points coming up for great-master-Sakai on MIXI*****!"
Sakai: "whhhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttttt!!!"
Looking up "Akira"
Sakai: "Ono-kun. What are you imitating? That was totally just Nishikido-kun***** wasn't it?!!!"
Ono: "Nishikido-kun?? Oh, you mean you think I mean Nishikido Akira-kun??"
Sakai: *smacks Ono-kun*
Ono: "Owwwww!!! I'm joking!! Just look up the GazettE Sakai!!"
Looks up Sakai
Sakai: "Wooooaahhhhh!!! There really are comments aren't there?!! Ono-sama"
Ono: "Heyyy!! You know I've got some too!!******* Sakai-kun!!"

And that said, thanks a lot guys. I shall do my best (well now about having a fragile heart....)

Anyway, now for the sake of Sanma&SMAP I shall quickly go do some work.

**Sorry I actually don't know too much about this other than there was a T.V. special of it the day Sakai made this post. You can look up a couple of videos for it on Youtube.

***In reference to the past post where he was talking about Aoi taking off his rings xD;;;

****lol, he did say おっちゃん (occhan)

*****MIXI - actually I neglected to mention this in an older post but MIXI is a Japanese social networking site, kinda like Facebook in the sense that it's private except that you can only join if you have a Japanese cellphone mail address.

****** (lots of notes today xD) Ryou Nishikido - wiki

*******This is actually sorta funny, and sorta weird, but this was how I interpreted the sentence because Sakai actually wrote: "でもわしもあるのだよ" (demo washi mo aru no da yo) and "washi" didn't make sense so I assumed he just mispelled "watashi" (meaning "I" )

I'm not totally done school yet, but classes are done so I've got a lot more free time (to translate! LOL).
btw, I'm also in the process of sorta writing an FAQ post for Sakai's blog/Manager blog history and for your future reference in case you ever get lost when Sakai's referring to people you don't recognize (or remember because I'm a terrible updater too).

Anyway, so I will also put that up soon, as in.....in a few minutes because I want to put it up before I go to bed xD
marumaruyobimarumaruyobi on April 12th, 2010 06:13 am (UTC)
XDDD I couldn't help but crack up that Sakai thought Aoi was going to smack him.